Socialized Medicine – the People are Speaking – They Don’t Want It

Remember 1993 and health care? It was doomed because Americans did not want Big Government running one more part of their lives. Why? Because Government doesn’t do things very well – it’s as simple as that.They – the Government – euphemistically refer to its proposed health care plan as simply one option in the public/private marketplace. But we – the people – know what that plan really is. It is socialized medicine.So here we are again, sixteen years later, and Washington seems to have forgotten the lesson handed to the Clinton Administration. Or maybe it is finally sinking in – now that Congressmen/women and Senators have gone home and faced the tidal wave of anger, wrath and ire – you name it – from their constituents.There are some issues in health care that really do need fixing and the Obama Administration could win big time if it would only address them.First and foremost – tort reform!!! Why doesn’t Congress deal with tort reform? Why isn’t that simple? In all the rhetoric emanating from our Capitol, not a word on the subject – not from President Obama, not from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, not from Senator Dodd, not even from the vast majority of Republicans! Why? Okay – we all know the answer – it’s about the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ lobby. But really and truly – how many millions could they possibly have paid into the coffers of our legislators to make the subject so taboo?Why doesn’t Bill O’Reilly or Chris Matthews or Larry Kudlow or Jim Lehrer do a serious interview with both Republican and Democrat lawmakers and grill them on the subject of tort reform? We – the rest of us Americans – are dying to hear the rationale for Congress’ deafening silence on this critical matter.True tort reform would reduce the costs of medicine and would go a long way to helping people afford the premiums so many say are the reason they do buy health insurance.A second easy fix – pre-existing conditions should have no bearing on a person’s ability to get health insurance. That is not only good policy but it is a matter of ethics. It is simple to do – it’s just a one line item. And it won’t run into much controversy and debate because even those who might oppose it know that it is the right thing to do.The American way of life – the foundation of our success as a nation and an economy - prefers personal decision-making over Big Government edicts. Our not very long history as a nation is steeped in that doctrine. The hue and cry being voiced by people of all parties, religions, ways of life and financial means is ignored by our Government at its own risk – the risk of being voted out of office.